"I'll always do my best!"— Hoseki's catchphrase
Abe Hoseki
Abe Hoseki
Abe Hoseki
Personal Info
SeasonDiamond Rainbow Precure

Magical Girl

Birthday17th March
Hair ColorBrown colour Brown (Hoseki)

Purple1 Purple (Cure Amethyst)

Eye ColorDark Pink Dark Pink (Hoseki)

Purple1 Purple (Cure Amethyst)

FamilyAbe Hana (mother)

Abe Makoto (father)

Abe Sakura (sister)

Home PlaceEmerald City
First AppearanceDRPC01
Voice Actor(s)Tanaka Rie
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Amethyst

Magical Amethyst (upgrade)



WeaponAmethyst Wand
Theme ColorPurple1 Purple

Abe Hoseki (エイブ宝石 Abe Hoseki) is the lead cure of Diamond Rainbow Precure. She is a shy 14 year old who loves writing stories. She is also the Student Council President of Emerald City High. Her cure alias is Cure Amethyst (キュアアメジスト Kyuaamejisuto), the purple jewel of magic and wisdom. Her catchphrase is "I'll always do my best!" (私はいつも最善を尽くします!Watashi wa itsumo saizen o tsukushimasu!)


Becoming Cure Amethyst




As Hoseki, she has long brown hair and dark pink eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a purple long-sleeve top, dark purple bottoms, white socks and pink flats.

Cure Amethyst



Hoseki is known for being a very kind but shy girl who loves writing stories and has published several stories.

Cure Amethyst

"The purple jewel of magic and wisdom! Glistening, Cure Amethyst!"
魔法と知恵の紫色の宝石は! 輝きます,キュアアメジスト!
Mahō to chie no murasakiiro no hōseki! Kagayaku, Kyuaamejisuto!

Cure Amethyst (キュアアメジスト Kyuaamejisuto) is Hoseki's alter ego. In this form, she holds the the power of magic and wisdom.



Amethyst Shimmer - Amethyst's first purification attack. To use it, she must be with Viola and using her Rainbow Pact.

Amethyst Dazzle - Amethyst's second purification attack. To use it, she must be with Viola and using her Amethyst Wand


Diamond Storm - The first group attack that she performs with Cure Ruby, Cure Topaz, Cure Jade and Cure Lapis. To use it the five cures must have the Rainbow Wands.


  • She is the third purple lead cure after Mirai Ginga and Haruno Sakura. She is then followed by Mai Anderson
  • She is the second lead cure to be shy, after Hanasaki Tsubomi
  • Her birthstone is in fact the Amethyst according to astrology which ties into her cure alias, Cure Amethyst
  • She shares her voice actress with Kujou Hikari
  • She is the seventeenth cure (nineteenth if you count Milky Rose and Cure Moonlight) whose theme colour is purple, preceded by Cure Sword, Cure Fortune, Cure Magical, Cure Lilac, Cure Galaxy, Cure Twila, Cure Aurora, Cure Twilight, Cure Tune, Cure Harmony, Cure Wing, Season Heart, Cure Jelly, Cure Magic, Creamy Rose and Cure Grape
    • However, she would technically be the fifthteenth as Season Heart and Creamy Rose are classed as non-cures


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