Ayaka Mai (あやか舞) is the main character of Memory Restoration Precure. Ayaka's alter ego is Cure Petal/Kyuapetaru (キュアペタル) and she is known as the Warrior of Flowers. When speaking to anyone, she has a habit of starting her sentences with "Umm"



Mai has dark brown eyes and medium-length red hair wrapped up in a bun. Her bangs come across her face giving her a straightened look. Casually, she wears an oversized pink hoodie.

This is paired with a pair of black leggings and a pair of black converses. Her school uniform consists of a white shirt with a pink tie and a dark grey short skirt. This is followed by knee length white socks and black slip on shoes.

As Cure Petal, her eyes become a bright green and hair becomes pale pink and forms into a high ponytail, growing to waist-length and gaining a more straightened look. Her bangs become completely straight and she gains straight strands by her ears. She wears a golden tiara which resembles a flower because of its shape. She gains pink dangle flower earrings. Her outfit is mostly pink with elements of white on the chest area. The top of her dress by her chest area has a frilly dark pink hem on the top, followed by a flowery hem at her waist connecting the skirt to her top. Her skirt resembles a dark pink version of her school skirt, which is followed by a pair of tights (the left being light pink and the right being dark pink. Her shoes are small boots wrapped by a pink ribbon at the top which is connected together at the front by a small golden bead. She also wears small light pink gloves with pink flower clips at the outside of her wrist wrapped by a small green ribbon. 


A second year middle school student who has a passion for flowers and gardening. She is very shy, which gives her a disadvantage when it comes to finding the other cures, and making friends. She knows that her shyness is something that she has to overcome in order to be at her best when she is a Precure. She often has a habit of saying "Umm" when talking to others. With the Sakura Pact in hand, she has the ability to become the Warrior of Flowers, Cure Petal/Kyuapetaru (キュアペタル)


Memorii - Becomes a close friend of Mai's due to the fact that he gave her the courage to become Cure Petal

Mamiko Izumi - She is looked up to by Mai, due to her strength as Cure Rain.

Aki Mitsu - Her bubbly personality brings out the best in Mai.


Ayaka - From Japanese 彩 (aya) meaning "colour" combined with 花 (ka) or 華 (ka) which both mean "flower"

Mai - From Japanese 舞 (maimeaning "dance" or 麻衣 (maimeaning "linen robe". It can also come from 真 (ma) meaning "real, genuine" combined with 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection".

Cure Petal

"A Blossoming Flower fighting for Hope! Cure Petal!"
希望を求めて戦う花々! キュアペタル!
Kibō no tame ni tatakau hana no hana! Kyua Petaru!
Cure Petal (キュアペタル) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Mai. In order to transform, she needs her Sakura Pact and her Sakura Key.




  • Petal Restoration (花びらの修復): Petal's solo attack that she uses to purify the Forgetful's and restore their memories.
  • Petal Turbulence (花びらの乱れ): This is another Petal solo attack. Flowers grow behind her and shoot out two pink beams which deals damage to the Forgetful.
  • Petal Whirlwind (花びら旋風): This is another Petal solo attack. Petal rapidly spins around to create a flower storm which deals damage to the Forgetful. In order to perform this attack, Petal must have the Staff of Flowers.
  • Petal Memorium (花びら覚書): This is another Petal solo attack. Petal gathers a big ball of light with the Staff of Flowers and shoots it which purifies the Forgetful. In order to perform this attack, Petal must have the Staff of Flowers.


  • Mai's birthday is 10th July, making her star sign Cancer.
  • When she was 7, she competed in a dance contest and got 2nd place.

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