Elemental Magic Precure
Erementaru mahou purikyua
General Information
Created on28/03/16 (22:06)
NetworkToei Animation
Original RunTBA
Opening SongSparkle Sparkle! Elemental Magic Precure!
Ending SongTBA
Series Info
PredecessorSugar Precure
SuccessorLucky Clover Fresh Precure
Elemental Magic Precure is the fourteenth season created by hickmanm. The series motif is elements.





Olivia Peters/Cure Spring - The lead cure. She is smart and the student council president. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Spring, the element of life whose theme colour is pink.

Princess Energy/Cure Magic - The princess of the element kingdom who fled with Air to Earth when the Chaos Raiders attacked. She wants to restore her kingdom as soon as possible. Her cure alter ego is Cure Magic, the element of energy whose theme colour is purple.

Tracy Star/Cure Agua - An energetic girl who is also the student council vice president of her school. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Agua, the element of water whose theme colour is blue

Sarah Simmons/Cure Rock - A sporty girl. She loves to play sports with her favourite being soccer and tennis. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Rock, the element of earth whose theme colour is yellow

Daisy Little/Cure Erupt/Ghost - One of the previous antagonists and daughter of Discord. She is very mysterious and interested in many things. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Erupt, the element of fire whose theme colour is red

Element Kingdom

Air/Humming Bird - The main fairy of the season. She is very polite but energetic. She can transform into a Cure by using the Element Brooch who is known as Humming Bird, the element of air whose theme colour is white.

Chaos Raiders

Discord - the main antagonist. He is the brother of Energy's mother.

Hùndùn - Discord's son and Energy's cousin.

Mayhem - Discord's right hand woman.


Element wand - The transformation item. Each one comes in each cures respective theme colour and the jewel on top shows which each cure represents (for example: a flower for Cure Spring, a spark of magic for Cure Magic)