Hoshina Kotone and Cure Pearl
Hoshina Kotone
Personal Info
SeasonMelodic🎵 Jewel💎 Precure

Magical Girl

Birthday5th August
Hair ColorBrown (Kotone)

Pink (Cure Pearl)

Eye ColorGreen (Kotone)

Light Pink (Cure Pearl)

FamilyHoshina Maria (Mother)

Hoshina Shougo (Father) Hoshina Hana (younger sister)

Home PlaceDiamond Hills
First AppearanceM🎵J💎PC01
Voice Actor(s)Kimoto Orie
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Pearl



WeaponPearl Guitar
Theme ColorPink (main)

Purple (sub)

Hoshina Kotone is the lead cure of Melodic🎵 Jewel💎 Precure. She is a transfer student to Diamond Prep School and although she just joined, she is admired by all the boys. She is both energetic and smart, having the same personality as Aida Mana. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Pearl, the Harmonic Jewel of Love, Happiness and Friendship whose theme colour is pink. Her catchphrase is 'Ultra Shining' (ウルトラシャイニング Urutorashainingu).


Becoming Cure Pearl




As Kotone, she has brown hair and green eyes. In her casual outfit, she wears a pink T-shirt with a light pink heart in the middle. She also wears jeans with white socks and dark pink flats.

Cure Pearl

As Cure Pearl, her hair grows longer and turns from brown to pink which is then separated into pigtails. Her uniform consists of a hot pink elbow length shirt with a heart-shaped bow in the top middle. Her skirt is light pink and it has a heart-shaped pouch where she keeps her Harmony Jewel, the Pearl. She wears pink leg warmers with a purple/magenta heart at the top of each one. She also wears pink gloves. 


She is both energetic and smart, having the same personality as Aida Mana. As Cure Pearl, she is more confident and shows more courage.



Akane Hidamari/Cure Spark - As a princess, Kotone treats Hidamari with respect however Hidamari doesn't really like it, so she usually tells Kotone to stop embarrassing her

Hoshizora Cadence/Cure Citrine - Cadence was the first person that Kotone met when Kotone transferred to Diamond Prep Academy.

Cure Pearl

"Sparkling love! Shining happiness and friendship! Cure Pearl!"
Supākuringu ai! Kōfuku to yūjō o shainingu! Kyua Pāru

Cure Pearl is Kotone's alter ego. She holds the power of love, happiness and friendship who is represented by hearts.


Kotone's voice actress, Kimoto Orie, takes part in several image songs for the character she plays.


Love Jewel




  • She shares her voice actress with Hyuuga Saki/Cure Bloom/Cure Bright
    • She also shares her star sign with Saki
  • She is the third lead cure to be smart
  • She shares some similarities with Aida Mana/Cure Heart:
    • They are both smart and energetic
    • They share the same star sign which is Leo
  • Cure Pearl's finishing pose is the same as Hoshizora Miyuki/Cure Happy


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