Lucky Pretty Cure!
is part of the Lucky Pretty Cure! Series and belongs to Fujiwara Hibiki

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Lucky Pretty Cure!
Rakkī Purikyua!
General Information
Director(s)Fujiwara Hibiki
NetworkTV Asahi
Episodes49 approx.
Opening Song(s)WakuWaku☆Lucky Pretty Cure!
Ending Song(s)Good morning, Dreamy
Series Info
No. of Cures3
Lucky Pretty Cure! is a Pretty Cure! project created by Fujiwara Hibiki. It follows Fukuyama Yoshino as she becomes a Pretty Cure due being told that it was her destiny to protect the world by two Cures - Cure Delight and Cure Bless. The series' motif are life choices and destiny.


  • This series is currently in production~


"Wake up, Yoshino. This is your destiny."

When Yoshino awakens from a dream of someone that looks similar to herself fighting a monster with two other girls, she doesn't know rather to believe the voice or ignore it. She goes about her day like the dream never happened until she finds herself in the flower field with a Hakamei about to attack her. She tries her best to fight it off until the same two girls from her dream arrive and fight the monster for her. As they fight, she meets a fox like fairy whose voice is the same exact voice from her dream. And that is when Yoshino's destiny to become a Pretty Cure is thrown upon her shoulders - it is up to Yoshino to follow her destiny or go against it...



  • Fukuyama Yoshino (福山よしの Fukuyama Yoshino?) / Cure Destiny (キュアデスティニー Kyua Desutinī?) - Lazy but a good story teller, Yoshino is the pink Cure of the team.
  • Aoi Tomo (青井とも Aoi Tomo?) / Cure Delight (キュアデライト Kyua Deraito?) - Loud and great at sport, Tomo is the blue Cure of the team.
  • Ashitaba Iroha (明日葉いろは Ashitaba Iroha?) / Cure Bless (キュアブレス Kyua Buresu?) - Sweet and a fantastic idol, Iroha is the green Cure of the team.







Due to focusing heavily on music, there will be quite a bit more albums/singles then most seasons.

Lucky Pretty Cure! Character Single: Blessing within my heart

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