Oh my god! Groula has made his entrance!!
Meme Force Pretty Cure! episode 11
Mana sings bad
何てことだ! グロウラが入ってきた!!
"Nanite kotoda! Guroura ga haitte kita!!"
Air date March 9, 2020
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Opening PrecureDANZEN.mid
Ending Completely Chaotic Comedy
Directed by GamerLuna
Written by GamerLuna

“Oh my god! Groula has made his entrance!!” is the 11th episode of Meme Force Pretty Cure.


Inori heads to a church near school to pray, where she confesses her wanting to become more confident. She has no iea how to go abou this though. As this is going on a mysterious figure watches from overhead, while Inori heads off to the park in hopes of finding the girls practicing again. But frustratedly when she sees nobody there walks back, where she finds her mother and dad, while a boy leaves with a dog she was walking yesterday.

Meanwhile, Miki and Love have returned to their base to discuss official Meme Force business. Tarte gives them a tutorial on how the Meme Force works, but they are mislead into thinking they can become big time hero celebrities until he clarifies that being a Meme Force Cure comes with big rules; such as NOT getting screwed over by the Meme Patrol.

The next day Love is leaving from PreCure school when she finds Miki and they run to the park, where Inori was waiting to see if they would show up again, after what happened last time (neither of those two showed up).

She decides to leave when out of nowhere Ichika offers her a rabbit cake. She explains that there is she wants to be a member of the Meme Force. With her curiousity, Inori decides to stay and listen.

Meanwhile, Love and Miki are in the middle of dance practice and have gone inside for today's session. During break Miki explains how this particular dance was designed for a duo, not a single person. Love and Miki think about Inori as they leave to change (fanservice ensues), and while they can tell she wants to join Meme Force they are afraid that she’s already in a Pretty Cure team.

Inori meets up with Ichika, she reminds her that because she (Inori) is still interested she (Ichika) should make sure she doesn't push herself too hard. Just then, A unknown dog (which Inori walked the day before the day before) runs off into the distance and Inori chases after it, leading them to play with her as the mysterious (and creepy) figure watches from above. The mysterious figure drops down and calls himself Groula. He transforms into Cure Chaos and approaches them to change Doggo into a hideous beast.

As DogBeast causes mayhem and destruction all around and everyone runs from the area surrounding them, Love and Miki witness the display and find the hideous DogBeast. They run off into hiding to transform into Peach and Berry.

Meanwhile Inori is trying to find someone to help while Cure Chaos continues to trail her. She realises that because she can't find anyone she's going to have to D.I.Y it herself and runs back to the location. She spots Peach and Berry trying to fight the DogBeast. She turns to Peach and Berry and asks them not to attack the DogBeast, because it will attack them back.

Chaos convinces the DogBeast to continue attacking, forcing Berry and Peach to grab Inori and pull her away- but in the process they fall down and everything falls apart (as in Inori felt cheated).

As this is going on Tarte notices Chiffon is behaving weirdly and realizes that three more Cures have been located.

In a vibrant yellow light, Inori transforms into Cure Pine. After her change, the way Berry and Peach interact with her makes her realize they are really Miki and Love, and now a (then) trio, the girls resume fighting. Pine asks them not to hurt DogBeast though, but they tell her that even if she doesn't want to fight she has to do it in order to change EVERYTHING back to normal. They resist harming the DogBeast, choosing to knock the beast down and allowing Pine to use Healing Prayer on the DogBeast and she tries and fails to transform it back to normal.

After this, Groula takes a moment to observe what was going on and takes his leave.

Cure Pine says “Dang! That DogBeast is SO STRONG!!!”, to which Cure Peach says “Yeah, ya’ got THAT right.”. All of a sudden: “Kirakirakiraru! Whip Decoration!”

Cure Whip appears and attacks DogBeast, causing the DogBeast to counterattack her. Whip screams “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! THAT HURT!!”. Then, without caution: “Feel the goodness within you! Let your sweetheart light shine!”

Cure Heart purifies the DogBeast! The Fresh Cures (and Cure Whip) were confused. Heart says “Even though I suck at singing, I’m unstoppable when it comes to purification attacks!”.

As everything returns to normal, Inori, Love, and Miki return to their base to hold a chat session about what happened and to tell Inori about the Meme Force. They notice Inori is really scared, and they express shock after revealing she is afraid of what’s happening on the base’s TV: It was Dharkon. He then says a lengthy speech about Groula, saying “I’ve come to make an announcement. Groula is a GREAT BIG eggbeater!! He (bleep)ed on my brother! THATS RIGHT! He took his big juicy DINGO, AND (bleep)ed on my (bleep)ing brother!! And he said his dingo was “THIS BIG.”. and I said THAT’S DISGUSTING! I’m making this live from Pretty Cure TV! Groula, you have an itsy bitsy dingo! It’s the size of this walnut except WAY smaller! And guess what?! HERE’S WHAT MY DINGO LOOKS LIKE!!”. He then shows them his dingo, with the whole cast laughing their heads off. He then continues by saying “THAT’S RIGHT, BEH-BAY!! All thorns, no eggsacs, no blankets! It’s like 2 bouncies and a BOING!”. The cast continued laughing, while Dharkon says “He (bleep)ed Galeem, so guess what?! I’m gonna go (bleep) the earth!! This is what ya’ get!! My Super Smashing Lazer (bleep)!!”. He then aims for earth and shoots at it! But then misses the earth on purpose and then saying “Except, I’m not gonna (bleep) on the earth. No! I’m going higher!! I’m gonna (bleep) on the (bleep)ing MOON!!”. He then “urinates” on the Moon, killing Scrooge McDuck in the process! He finishes his speech by warning them “You got 3 whole days until the YELLOW WATER DROPLETS hit the earth! Now, get out of my sight before I (bleep) on you TOO!”.

Major Events

  • Cure Peach makes her first appearance
  • Cure Berry makes her first appearance
  • Cure Pine makes her first appearance
  • Cure Whip makes her first appearance
  • Cure Heart re-enters the fray
  • Dharkon wants to shoot the earth with his death laser. Or as he puts it, he wants to urinate on the earth with urine coming out his dingo.


Pretty Cure

  • Love/Cure Peach
  • Miki/Cure Berry
  • Buki/Cure Pine
  • Mana/Cure Heart
  • Ichika/Cure Whip


  • Tarte
  • Chiffon


  • Groula
  • Dharkon
  • Galeem (mentioned)


  • This is the first episode where Ichika appeared, which completes the collection of Lead Cures.
  • This episode features more toilet jokes at the end with Dharkon’s speech. And a lot of bad language too. There’s so many bad words that they all had to be censored. Also, the speech is a reference to Eggman’s infamous speech.


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