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|romaji = Oh my god! Groula has made his entrance!!
|romaji = It’s Roobarb Party Time!
|season = [[Meme Force Pretty Cure!]]
|season = [[Meme Force Pretty Cure!]]
|number = 11
|number = 12
|image = Mana sings bad.jpeg
|image = Mana sings bad.jpeg
|image size = 200px
|image size = 200px
|katakana = 何てことだ! グロウラが入ってきた!!
|katakana = ルーバーブパーティータイムです!
|translation = Nanite kotoda! Guroura ga haitte kita!!
|translation = Rūbābu pātītaimu-desu!
|previous = [[MFPC10]]
|previous = [[MFPC11]]
|next = [[MFPC12]]
|next = [[MFPC13]] (release date)
[[Pretty Cure All Stars: New Stage 2 Rewritten]] (The Roobarb Arc)
|op = PrecureDANZEN.mid
|op = PrecureDANZEN.mid
|ed = Completely Chaotic Comedy
|ed = Completely Chaotic Comedy
|director = GamerLuna|airdate = March 9, 2020|writer = GamerLuna}}
|director = GamerLuna|airdate = March 26, 2020|writer = GamerLuna}}
'''“Oh my god! Groula has made his entrance!!” '''is the 11th episode of Meme Force Pretty Cure.
'''“It’s Roobarb Party Time!” '''is the 12th episode of Meme Force Pretty Cure.

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It’s Roobarb Party Time!
Meme Force Pretty Cure! episode 12
Mana sings bad
"Rūbābu pātītaimu-desu!"
Air date March 26, 2020
Episode Guide
MFPC13 (release date)

Pretty Cure All Stars: New Stage 2 Rewritten (The Roobarb Arc)

Opening PrecureDANZEN.mid
Ending Completely Chaotic Comedy
Directed by GamerLuna
Written by GamerLuna

“It’s Roobarb Party Time!” is the 12th episode of Meme Force Pretty Cure.


Miyuki finds a strange dice and gives it a roll, causing them to be sucked into a strange new world. There they find a mysterious green dog character waiting for them. There, the dog, called “Roobarb”, explains that the dice is a gateway to Roobarb Party and if the girls wish to leave they must complete his minigames by death o’ clock (9:00pm) - or else be trapped here for eternity.

The girls transformed and began their first game, Look Sharp from Super Mario Party (2018). Cure Happy volunteered to play against the following: Cure Blossom, Cure Lovely, and Cure Whip. The objective is to zoom the magnifier in or out so that the red Toad can be seen less blurry. The first player to do so is granted 5 Glitter Points, the second to do so is granted 3, the third is granted 1, and. the last to do so gets no Glitter Points. The magnifier has to zoom into Spike for round 2 and into a red Koopa Troopa for round 3. After three rounds, the player with the most points is winner winner chicken dinner. Cure Happy manages to beat Blossom, Lovely, and Whip. They go to the next minigame.

The girls began their next game, Beeline Shrine from Mario Party 10 (2015). Cure Sunny volunteered to play against the following: Cure Rouge, Cure Ace, and Cure Chocolat. The 4 red Cures have three Hit Pips each and must dodge the seriously tee’ed off bees, which make formations (like circles) to hurt the players. The players lose a pip every time they get stung by one. If a Cure does not have at least one heart before thirty seconds have passed, they turn into a DeviantArt post. After thirty seconds, the bees fly up in the sky, leaving the remaining players. The last player standing or the one with the most hearts left wins, and look at that! Ace and Sunny have won! Sunny goes “Ace, why did we tie?!” to which Ace says “We didn’t get hit.”. Onwards to minigame 3!

The girls began their 3rd game, Flip The Chimp from Mario Party 8 (2006). Cure March volunteered to play against the following: Cure Mint. March and Mint must hold two Wii Remotes in a vertical position to play this minigame. The players attempt to reach the top by controlling the Ukikis that are hanging on the tree. Mint and March have to shake the Wiimote up and down to win, but they have to do it by pressing the Mote on their dongos. In other words, they have to master-bait with the Wiimote to win!

During the middle of the minigame, coconuts fall down at either the left or right side of the tree the Ukiki is climbing; these coconuts attempt to knock the players' Ukikis down the tree they are climbing up. The players can avoid them by switching sides the Ukikis climb on the tree. If a coconut hits the Ukiki, the Ukiki moves forcefully down the tree, wasting some time to reach the finish line. Cure March starts master-baiting, gradually picking up speed, until she master-baits so fast she wins the minigame. Minigame 4 is ready to play.

The girls began their 4th game, Limbo Dance from Mario Party (1999). Cure Beauty volunteered herself to play this single player monstrosity. She has to limbo under all the Limbo Sticks (of varying heights, color-coded by difficulty for your connivence) in half a minute.

Blue sticks are the tallest and easiest, then yellow, and finally red, which can be very tricky. Beauty must press the A Button on the N64 controller to make progress and make them bend backwards a little. They can also stay in place to bring themselves up a bit if needed; pressing the button too quickly will cause them to bend too far back and fall down on their back, failing the minigame. Pressing the button too slowly will fail the minigame also, because they will stand all the way up and not pass under the limbo stick, causing them to fall, but not on their backs, they now fall on their posterior. If the player does reach the end, they win ten Glitter Points, and Beauty wins. Minigame 5, here we come!!

The girls began their 5th game, Maths Castle Attack from Super Mario Party (2018). Everyone realises that this minigame was from the same game Look Sharp originated. Beauty, since she was excellent at maths, volunteered to play this with Cure Diamond. They are up against: Cure Aqua and Cure Gelato. In order to destroy each other’s castles, players hit slots (like in Chance Time) with numbers ranging from 1 to 6 (like in regular Mario Party), with 36 being the highest amount a team can get. The numbers on the slots are then multiplied for the cannons to shoot the specified number of cannonballs at one of the castles.

To win, the team must either have more jigsaw pieces after five rounds, or completely blow up the opposing team's castle entirely. If both team's castles are in ruins in the same round, it’s a “DRAW!”. Luckily, Beauty and Diamond demolish Aqua and Gelato’s castle. Gelato starts whining out “AAAW..! WE LOST?! I THOUGHT WE WORK LIKE A TEAM, AQUA!!” which Aqua reacts to by saying “I don’t work with ice girls.”. Onwards to minigame 6.

The girls began their 6th game, Quicksand Cache from Mario Party 2 (2000). Cure Happy is one of the 3 person team, which consists of Dark Dream and Cure Dream. Dream asks “Why am I with her?! She nearly beat me to a pulp. I managed to get back up and destroy her.”. Dark Dream is offended and says “WHAAAA?! But I made a heroic sacrifice to deal a blow to the main villain of the YPC5 MOVIE!”. Happy gets infuriated at both of them and screams “KNOCK IT OFF YOU (BLEEP)HEADS!”.

Anyways, the individual is none other than BAD END HAPPY. Roobarb says that coins and Coin Bags fall in the quicksand as the minigame initiates. Three players have to avoid being sucked in the core so they can get more coins while the other player in the Bowser Suit controls the quicksand and gets coins automatically. If one of the players get sucked into the core, that player will lose. If the 3 person-team has more coins, they win. And predictably, the 3 person team wins, with Bad End Happy dying once again screaming “AGAIN?! SERIOUSLY!??”.

The girls began their 7th game, Ground Pound in the Ruins from Mario Party 6 (2004). Cure Happy volunteers to play this against the following: Cure Blossom (since she has an attack that requires use of her butt), Cure Heart, and Cure Flora. The 4 of them must score the most points by butt-punching the glowing panels. Each tile gives the player one point; when a panel fades to blue, it is a warning that it will fade out entirely soon after. Cure Happy and Cure Heart tie, leading to Minigame 7: Rain of Fire from Mario Party 5 (2003).

Cure Peace was (unfortunately) chosen for this, with Cure Custard, Cure Rosetta, and Cure Honey also being chosen. Peace then breaks character and says “A BOWSER MINIGAME?! ROOBARB, WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING?!”.

As the fireworks rain down, the 4 Yellow Cures must avoid the flaming debris. Players must watch the shadows in order to avoid the debris as it falls. Even after it has touched the ground it will still remain there for about 1 measly second before disappearing. Peace, Rosetta, Honey, and Custard must dodge two waves of flames in this manner. Any players that survives both waves are safe from the Koopa king himself. However, touching just one piece of debris once eliminates the player and gets them branded as the "loser". Cure Peace wins the minigame alongside Rosetta and Custard. Cure Honey wasn’t so lucky, though.

Next up: Bombard King Bob- from Mario Party 9 (2012) all five Smile Cures face off with King Bob-The objective of this boss minigame is to defeat King Bob-omb by tossing his servants (which are just normal Bob-Ombs) at him. Small Bob-ombs are worth one Glitter Point, medium-sized ones are worth two, and big ones are worth three. Every turn, four Bob-ombs are transported onto the platform via conveyer belts, and players choose which one to toss by pushing one of the buttons shown; however, if two or more players pick the same bomb, they'll run into each other and be temporarily dazed, preventing them from throwing one. Once King Bob-omb loses half of his health, he tosses his own servant bob-omb at the players who suck at throwing Bob-ombs, causing them to lose a single point. However, the whole Smile team manages to survive with a lot of points, with Happy having the most. Bring on Minigame Number 9: Domino Domination from Mario Party 4 (2002).

Cure Sunny tries playing this against Cure Ace, Cure Passion, and Cure Scarlet. One of them has to set up the most Whomps, which act as dominoes. Each character wields a mallet and a switch. Each time the switch is hit, a Whomp is set up. When the timer’s at zero, the character knocks over the Whomps. The character with the most Whomps knocked over wins, and Cure Sunny manages to own Ace this time, with Ace saying: “NOOO! I CAN’T BELIEVE I LOST..!”.

Cure Peace then plays Vine Country from Mario Party 7 (2005). Peace plays against Daddy Donkey Kong, cause it’s his minigame. The minigame consists of climbing vines in a race to the top with the vine climbing master himself: DK, but Peace also has to avoid falling enemies. If she takes a small-medium sized blow by one of them, Peace will temporarily get dizzy, giving DK the advantage, but he too can also be stunned, which gives Peace an advantage and the minigame.

Onwards to the penultimate Minigame of the lot: River Raid from Mario Party 3 (2001). Cure Happy, Cure Peach, and Cure Miracle are the three person team this time. The individual on the other hand is Cure Black. Happy says to Black “Hey there, Black! Do you like Mario Party?!” to which Black says “Mario Party..? OH SHOOT! MARIO PARTY!! UUUUUUH.. UUUUM..! NO! I don’t like it. Mario Party is sometimes luck-based, which is why I hate it with a passion.”.

Black, who is in the boat, drives around to get coins while the other three Cure on hoverboards collect the coins together. For instance, a Cure gets 15 Glitter Points, another gets nine and the last Cure gets 13 points; add the points up together and the three players get 37 Glitter Points each. There are some logs that float around the river, if a player hits a log, the player is temporary unable to get coins or coin bags. Sadly, Black loses. She (Black) then yells “UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!”.

Here we are, the final minigame: Ferris Wheel Fear a Roobarb Party (2020) original Minigame. Roobarb instructed the 5 Smile Cures to enter the carriage. The objective is to remain okay.

On the Ferris Wheel, the girls weird green images of nonsensical abstract. When they finished the ride, while Cure Happy, Sunny, Peace and March were nauseous, Cure Beauty and Candy manage to make it without developing nausea.

Then, Cure Happy throws up on Cure Sunny. Cure Peace was so disgusted by the puke, that she hurls on Cure March. Cure March then retaliates by projectile barfing all over Sunny, to which Sunny declares “I have a runny bum!”. Sunny then browns herself, and all the cures (except Beauty) all throw up, make butt brownies and projectile vomit everywhere. After that, the Cures were okay, but Happy says “Roobarb, you know that I’m afraid of heights!!”. She then sees Roobarb on his phone, and asks “What are you doing on your phone?”.

Roobarb says “Well, I’m making an mobile game, called: Spinny Spinny Barf Barf!”. Happy then screams “WAIT!! PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THATS-“, which Roobarb excitingly says “YES!! This is a game about you guys! All of you are stuck in a Ferris wheel! All ya’ have to do is the spin the Ferris wheel and make ya’ sicky!”. Happy then starts crying, saying “But that’s not fun!! THAT’S TOOORTUUUUUURE-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAHAHAHAAAAA!”. Roobarb screams out ”I’M GOING TO PUBLISH THIS GAME, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.”. Happy then angrily yells “THIS TARNISHES THE REPUTATION OF PRETTY CURE!!”. She then tries to finish Roobarb with “Happy Shower!”, but Roobarb escapes, saying “Oh, I forgot! The DokiDoki Cures are in this game too!”. Happy says “I’ll get you next time, you big jerk!”.

Major EventsEdit

  • A lot of Cures join the battle.
  • Roobarb appears for the first time and wants to make a game about the Cures gaining nausea on a Ferris wheel.


Pretty CureEdit

  • Miyuki/Cure Happy
  • Akane/Cure Sunny
  • Yayoi/Cure Peace
  • April/Cure March
  • Reika/Cure Beauty
  • Other Pretty Cure that receive cameos


  • Candy
  • Pop


  • Roobarb


  • The barf is related to the color of the Cure, and not all green.
  • The aforementioned barfing, alongside Cure Sunny browning herself makes this episode the most disgusting MFPC episode so far. Roobarb will become a major plot point in the All Stars movie for Meme Force PreCure.


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