This is a category listing the episodes for Melodia Pretty Cure♫.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Eien ni Wandahō! Ribon wa Watashitachi no Merodi wo Tsunagu!
"Eternally Wonderful! The Ribbons That Connect Our Melody!"
Roccia 2017-02-05
Hoshino Kiseki and Nagamiya Kumiko are two girls who have never really spoken to each other before, but already they have a bad start when they meet! However, little did they know that the human world was getting attacked, and according to a young fairy named Aria, it's up to them to save the day! But how will they do it?
02 Futatsu no Koe ga Utaeru! Merodīa Purikyua♫
"Two Voices are Singing! Melodia Pretty Cure♫"
--- 2017-02-12
03 Watashitachi no Yureru Kanjō. Naze Issho ni Purikyua ni Naru no?
"Our wavering emotions. Why did we become Pretty Cure together?"
--- 2017-02-19
04 Kumiko no Kenen! Watashi wa Purikyua Nano de Yamemasu ka?
"Kumiko's Concerns! Should I Quit Being A Pretty Cure?"
--- 2017-02-26
05 Ten Kara no Shukufuku! Etānaru no Uta!
"The Blessing From Heaven! Eternal's Song!"
--- 2017-03-05

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