Cure Emerald
Mikaze Audi
Mikaze Audi
Personal Info
SeasonShining Jewels Pretty Cure
BirthdayMay 15
Hair ColorGreen (Audi)
Light green (Cure Emerald)
Eye ColorGreen (Audi)
Light green (Cure Emerald)
FamilyMikaze Olivia (mother)
Mikaze Seth (father)
Mikaze Denver (brother)
Mikaze Phyllis (sister)
Mikaze Chloe (sister)
Home PlaceMitsukesa
First AppearanceSJPC03
Voice Actor(s)Yoshikawa Miku
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Emerald
WeaponKira Charm Wand
Theme ColorGreen

Mikaze Audi (美風アウディ Mikaze Audi) is one of the Cures in Shining Jewels Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Emerald (キュアエメラルド Kyua Emerarudo) and represents nature. Her catchphrase is "Simple." (シンプル。 Shinpuru.)


Audi is a 13 year old introvert and tries to steer out of any crowd due to her social anxiety. In reality, she is a very intelligent person, and finds it difficult to talk about the things she likes. She loves anything soft and cuddly, but especially loves to draw.




Akari Magenta

Shiroda Linux

Hino Hennessy

Aosora Pablonator

Kisaka Alumi


Cure Emerald

Ever green Cure Emerald!
Ebā gurīn Kyua Emerarudo!

Cure Emerald (キュアエメラルド Kyua Emerarudo) is Audi's Pretty Cure alter ego, and she represents nature. In order to transform into this form, Audi must have her Shining Jewel and use the phrase "Pretty Cure, Unlock My Power!"


Green Emerald Storm (グリーンエメラルドストーム Gurīn Emerarudo Sutōmu) - Cure Emerald's first finisher.


Silhouette (シルエット Shiruetto) is Audi's evil alter ego when corrupted by the black mist, which lasts in episodes 33 and 34. She is fully aware that she is corrupted, but has no free thoughts otherwise. Her attacks are much more powerful in this form. Her appearance mainly stays the same in design, but the outfit becomes more of a dark green, the gem in the middle of the bow turns black, her skirt is more spiky, and there are no flowers on her boots. Her hair becomes a much darker shade. Her eyes become empty but retain the same color.


As a main character, Audi's voice actor, Yoshikawa Miku, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices.



Mikaze (美風) - The name itself translates to "beautiful wind", but the "Mi" part is also the first part of "Midori", the Japanese word for green. It is unknown why "kaze" is in her name.

Audi (アウディ) - It is unknown what the name means and has no relation to the character.

Cure Emerald refers to the emerald gemstone, which is of a green color.