Mirai Ginga
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Mirai Ginga
Mirai Ginga
Personal Info
SeasonStarlight Precure

Magical girl

Birthday15th July
Hair ColorDark Purple (Ginga)

Orchid with Purple pigtails (Cure Galaxy)

Eye ColorSky Blue (Ginga)

Violet (Cure Galaxy)

FamilyMirai Megumi (mother)

Mirai Takeshi (father)

Mirai Hoshi (sister)

Home PlaceFloral Hills
First AppearanceSPC01
Voice Actor(s)Noto Mamiko (Japanese)

Veronica Taylor (English)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Galaxy
WeaponGalaxy Wand
Theme ColorPurple

Mirai Ginga ( 未来銀河 Mirai Ginga?) is the main protagonist of Starlight Precure. She is extremely smart and dreams to become a doctor one day. She is also the student council president of her school, Floral Junior High. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー Kyuagyarakushī?), the glistening cluster of stars whose theme colour is purple


Meeting Stella

When Ginga finds a girl unconcious on the beach, she takes her back to her house and treats her wounds. When the girl awakens, she introduces herself as Princess Hope Daylight Honey Stella of the Starlight Kingdom.

Becoming Precure

After Alien summoned a Planetrian, the girls are forced to run away until Sun and Moon appeared and told them to transform into Precure. Ginga asked what Precure is and Stella told her that the Precure are legendary warriors that saved the Starlight Kingdom over 100 years ago. The girls agreed to transform into Precure and became the new Precure: Cure Galaxy and Cure Dazzle!



As Ginga, she has dark purple hair with a bit tied up at the side and her eyes are sky blue. She usually wears a long sleeve top, jeggings and lavender flats.

Her Floral Junior High Uniform consists of a lavender polo shirt, a purple cardigan, a yellow knee-length skirt and black flats

Cure Galaxy


Ginga is a calm, studious 13-year old girl who dreams of becoming a doctor

Cure Galaxy

"The cluster of stars that glistens in the night! Cure Galaxy!"
Yoru ni kagayaku hoshi no kurasuta! Kyuagyarakushī!

Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー  Kyuagyarakushī) is Ginga's alter ego. To transform she must be with Stella, have the Starlight Brooch and shout 'Dual Starlight Aurora'. She and Cure Dazzle can perform several attacks together as well as individual attacks.