Queen Shiori (女王詩織 Kuīn Shiori) is the ruler of the Shiny Rainbow Land. Queen Shiori is also known as the Bringer of Harmony (ハーモニーの運び手 Ringā no Hāmonī). She is one of the largest characters in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure, only rivaled by Tatsuya himself. She is impressed with the Cures' bravery and hope, and helps them whenever she can.


In the events of Heartful Shine Pretty Cure, it was the Queen's birthday, and everyone was bringing gifts for her, but suddenly, the evil sorcerer Tatsuya attacked with his army, and turned everyone into Sakebis. He turned the Shiny Rainbow Land into a wasteland, but Queen Shiori knew that there was hope, because she had read a prophecy about 5 girls who will save the Shiny Rainbow Land from eternal doom and despair, and sent the four fairies, Aika, Bunko, Chinatsu and Emi, to the Sparkly Colour Land (the name the inhabitants of the Shiny Rainbow Land called Earth) to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. Queen Shiori headed to Earth herself and disguised as a normal person.


Queen Shiori's name means "poem; weave" which most likely means that when she was disguised as a human, she sold poems and woven art.


  • Queen Shiori is described as mysterious and elegant by Yoshida Minako, however, when we first meet her, she is actually quite a tomboyish woman.