This is a category listing the episodes for Rainbow Pretty Cure☆Destinies Unfold.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Ai no pinku no niji! Watashi no namae wa Kyua Rōzu!
"The Pink Rainbow Of Love! My Name Is Cure Rose!"
Kumoria 2018-02-01
Amagawa Lucia has a strange dream of a warrior named Cure Ciel being defeated and taken prisoner by the evil Diabolos. Lucia believes it to be a bad dream, and continues her ordinary life. After school one day, Lucia meets a fairy named Pearl who reveals that Lucia is the chosen Pretty Cure of the Rainbow. At the same time, an evil woman named Kumoria appears in front of Lucia's best friend and turns her phone into a monster known as a Zankokuna! It's up to Lucia to save her best friend! But how will she do it?
02 Gakkō no utsukushi-sa! Orenji-iro no niji, Kyua Aranshia!
"The School Beauty! The Orange Rainbow, Cure Arancia!"
Kumoria 2018-02-08
Lucia begins her search for the second member of Pretty Cure, when she decides that her best friend Mahiru would make a great Pretty Cure, what with her beauty, smarts and athletic skills. Mahiru, however, thinks that Lucia is acting strange, but later, Kumoria appears and creates a Zankokuna! And to Mahiru's shock, Lucia transforms in front of her! However, Cure Rose seems to be struggling on her own, and Mahiru is too scared to help. Will she manage to overcome her fear and save her best friend?
03 Kiiro no niji ga arawareru! Sore wa Kyua Yaun da!
"The Yellow Rainbow Appears! It's Cure Jaune!"
04 Yōsei no bōken! Nokori no senshi o sagashite kudasai!
"A Fairy Adventure! Search For The Remaining Warriors!"
05 Otome no junsuina kokoro! Ai no Ruchia!
"A Maiden's Pure Heart! Lucia In Love!"

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