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Shainingu Hirozu Pretty Cure! 

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Shainingu Hirozu Pretty Cure!
General Information
Created onApril 13, 2020
NetworkCartoon Network and Youtube
Original RunJune 12. 2020
Opening SongKanari Naotta! Shori! written by Rain (Friend)
Ending SongN/A
Series Info
Theme(s)Expressing emotions, friendship, issues with self, and mental health
Shainingu Hirozu Pretty Cure! (Shaininguhīrōzupurikyua!) ​​​​or  シャイニングヒーローズプリキュア!Is about four high school students being chosen to protect Niji Dorīmurando and the other parts of the dreamy landscape from the villains that lurk and wreak havoc on the land, now the four students will band together to battle these villains to protect the world while also masking their identities as "normal" high school students. This magical girl anime series was created by me along with my friends who helped me out on discord!


List of Shainingu Hirozu PreCure episodes (TBA)

Kaosukingu, the king of darkness has planned to take over Niji Dorīmurando with the help of other powerful villains. But before he unleashes his plan, the Goddess of Time and Space who was fully aware of Kaosukingu's plan for world domination, Sent out her guardians to choose four heroes to protect the world of Niji Dorīmurando from the clutches of evil and Kaosukingu's other evil plans... but who are these four heroes be exactly?

The Cures

Hinata Takahashi or Rain Santiago

Alter ego: Cure Akarui (Bright)

Voice actor: Kerry Williams (English) and Sayuri Yoshida (Japanese)

Non-binary (She/They)

16 years old

Color Scheme and theme(s): Orange, yellow, the sun and stars

A nervous yet headstrong student with plenty of creativity to spare. Empathetic and caring as always, she’s always looking for ways to help her closest friends. She rarely gets angry and isn’t one to hold a grudge, though she tends to underestimate herself. Nonetheless, she’s optimistic, energetic, and has plenty of sass to accompany her rather lax demeanor. She likes to watch cartoons. She's the main protagonist and the leader of the group.

Kibo Sōzō-sei or Ima

Alter ego: Cure Kūsō (Daydream)

Voice actor: Dani Chambers (English) and Kae Araki (Japanese)

Female (She/Her)

15 Years Old

Color Scheme and theme(s): Dullish Pinks / Purple, pillows and eyes

A relaxed girl who tends to keep her head in the cloud and her eyes towards the sky, she’s always one to help her friends in times of need. She loves to write short stories, explore new things, and protect her world from any evils that wish to harm it. However, she doesn’t do well under pressure and can be emotional and spiteful if provoked. She is one of the youngest of the group and tends to get lost in her thoughts. She's the second main protagonist of the group.

Hotaru Kaori or Joey

Alter ego: Cure Bureizu (Blaze)

Voice actor: Tara Strong (English) and Machiko Kawana (Japanese)

Non-binary (They/Them) 

17 years old

Color Scheme and theme: Shades of pink, flowers, and fire

A laid back, tomboy, outgoing, passionate, androgynous artist that loves going on adventures, taking risks, making friends, having challenges, along with fighting the forces of evil! They are the muscle and the oldest of the group who uses emotions to fuel their will to fight off evil. They will break if put under pressure or suffer from extreme amounts of stress this will cause them to go into a depressive state, always constantly needing affection and reassurance from others around them; They suppress their mental health and self-esteem issues from their trauma, making it hard to express their emotions directly towards the people they care about. They're the third main protagonist of the group.

Yunibāsu Wan or Screenie

Alter ego: Cure Kesshō (Crystal)

Voice actor: Sarah Natochenny (English) and Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)

Demigirl (She/They)

15 years old

Color Scheme and theme: Different shades of blue, bubbles, and crystals

She’s a cold yet considerate person who loves making bonds and eating food. She is the youngest and the brains of the group, but due to things that have happened in her lifetime, she’s quite skeptical towards anything or anyone she believes may be scheming. Due to this nature, she has lately become the girl who cried wolf, due to most of her assumptions being wrong. She was right about Shiawasena, though. She's the fourth main protagonist of the group.


Nebula: Hinata's assigned guardian, she is a pixie made from stardust, she is seen as mature and trustworthy despite her size she loves to fight for what's right. She can be serious at times making it harder for her to understand jokes.

Drowsy: Kibo's assigned guardian, she is an Ursa major made from people's dreams, she is seen as a playful and lazy guardian who would love nothing more than a nap. She is seen as sluggish or unmotivated but in reality, she's always ready for action.

Pyromania: Hotaru's assigned guardian, they're a dragon made from fire, they're seen as a risktaking and passionate despite their brash behavior they are very affectionate. Their reckless behavior will often cause them to be careless at times causing quite a ruckus.

Quartz: Yunibāsu's assigned guardian, She is a wolf made from crystals, she's seen as a sweet and caring guardian who loves to bake sweets, She is seen as naive and curious but despite her curiosity she's actually the youngest of guardians sent by the Goddess of Space and TIme.


Sanīsaidotaun (Sunnyside Town): The main setting of the series, and where the four heroes live.

Burūminguessensu High School (Blooming essence): The school that the four heroes attend.

Niji Dorīmurando (Rainbow Dreamland): Where the heroes are sent to defend this world from evil, the world consists of 6 kingdoms ruled by a variety of kings, queens, princesses, princes, and the residential townsfolk that reside within the kingdoms.

Oishī Ōkoku (Feast Kingdom): The first kingdom that the heroes are introduced to, the kingdom is filled with parties, delicious food, and joy! This kingdom is ruled by a queen named “Sunakku Don'yokuna” along with her wife “Pesutorī Kurīmu” they are mainly known for throwing big parties or events which bring the kingdoms together creating a “Harmony Bond” which helps strengthen the land from falling apart, as it is symbolized as a good omen to those who help reconstruct the land and do other good deeds which give years of good luck. 

Hana no ōkoku (Floral Kingdom): The second kingdom that resides in Dreamland, it is overgrown in flowers. Filled with harmless creatures, sorta like a forest, this kingdom is ruled by a prince named “Sakura no Hana” who’s a gardener at heart, he loves tending to his plants which help Dreamland’s ecosystem. His servants often gossip that Sakura is rumored to have two male spouses, he is aware of the gossip as he doesn’t mind it at all as the rumor is true in fact. His spouses do appear in later episodes though. Sakura is secretly a powerful mage who is responsible for the making of “Moonshine Amulets” which the Cures are given to in a later episode.

Nenshō Ōkoku (Burning Kingdom): The third kingdom in Dreamland, the kingdom is constantly on fire however it’s a good thing for these townsfolk as the citizens are made of pure fire because they live off of it. This kingdom is ruled by an egotistical yet generous king named “Kaen Hottoheddo” who is known for his love for creating weapons. He is very stubborn and he doesn’t like when he doesn’t get his way, despite his bratty like behavior he knows when to act like a king. He is responsible for the “War Of Flaming Darkness” a long war between his kingdom and the Dark kingdom which suddenly came to a stop when Kaen’s wife had passed away. Despite his wife’s passing, he kept making weapons in her memory. He is the creator of the “Flaming Bracelets” that were gifted to Joey.

Taki Ōkoku (Waterfall Kingdom): The fourth kingdom in Dreamland, This kingdom is ruled by a princess named “Bōfūu” who prefers to spend her time alone waltzing in her ballroom to music, she is a deadpan person making it harder to understand her emotions, however, she lets her deadpan demeanor down if she considers you a friend, she stumbles across the Cures when they are cornered by a nightmarish monster. She is able to defeat the monster by compressing it into crystals, The Cures thank her by helping her around her kingdom with chores. She is the creator of the “Crystal Gauntlets” that were gifted to Screenie.

Myūjikaru Ōkoku (Musical kingdom): The fifth kingdom in Dreamland, This kingdom is ruled by an old famous musician named “Myūjikaru”, they’re a mischievous and enthusiastic person who loves to create music in their spare time, they often hold concerts in their kingdom with the help of their servants; They meet the Cures while Dreamland is under attack by an unknown force of dark magic while doing so they assist the Cures in battle, The Cures thank Myūjikaru by helping them organize a big orchestral play. Myūjikaru is responsible for the creation of the “Musical Pacts” which are gifted to the Cures in later episodes.

Dākukingudamu (Dark Kingdom): The sixth kingdom where the most dangerous and evil creatures are sent for the safety of other kingdoms. It lies beneath the dreamland, and the king of that land, Kaosukingu, has the ability to give anyone the ability to bring out their own darkness for power. He is currently imprisoned within a crystal necklace that his son, Uso-Tsuki wears for power.  Currently, it is a forbidden land to tread, as it’s less of a kingdom, and more like a large prison. Surprisingly, it hasn’t fallen apart despite not having any rulers to keep it together. Lately, the darkness within the kingdom has leaked out into the other ones, bringing problems to the front.


Kaosukingu, the king of Dākukingudamu, who is the source of many of the monsters and problems in Sanīsaidotaun. He was imprisoned within the Crystal Heart, a necklace said to be made from a Goddesses’ soul, as Kaosukingu’s tomb. However, with enough Dark Energy, the Heart will be corrupted, and he will be free to wreak utter chaos to Niji Akarui Kagayaki Dorīmurando.

Uso-Tsuki, Kaosukingu’s son, who has made it his mission to free his father, and carry on in shaping the worlds in their image. He keeps his father with him, and usually carries out the orders he gives to him. It’s the source of most of his power, and if pushed enough, his father will possess him for a short amount of time. During the day, he goes by the persona of Shiawasena. He is in charge of his father’s minions until his father's freedom. Due to the fact that he doesn’t have as much power as his dad, he can only make someone into a minion if they are at a low point mentally or full of hatred, and even then, the spells can be broken. There are times, however, when Uso-Tsuki can create minions out of objects, but only if there is enough dormant dark energy already transferred to it, either overtime or already dormant within.

Fushin, one of Kaosukingu’s minions who is sent to try to tear apart the Cures and get them to turn against each other in his first appearance. She has the ability to distort how one perceives others, from their actions to how they see each other, in order to create hatred in even the most bonded of teammates. Fushin was created from a prized possession that was broken by one of the four when the owner of the possession most trusted them with it. (Could be one of the Cure’s who possessed the possession, as Fushin was created during a time when their friendship isn’t as strong as it will be. I’m thinking that it would be Screenie’s possession, given her usually skeptical nature) Even after her restoration back into the object she was created from, she is still recreated two different times within different circumstances, in different variations of herself. She usually bases her forms off of the objects’ memories, presenting herself as a “spirit of memories” who was wrongfully hurt in her first meeting.

Hitori-De, a one-time corruption of Furendorī after being bullied and left by herself by her older brother, Moeru. After wishing that she could have actual friends, and not just the dolls her brother doesn’t let the dog destroy, Uso-Tsuki arrives and seemingly grants her wish. Hitori-De starts to imprison people within the dolls, twisting their forms and minds to suit her childish idea of what friends are, in one gigantic tea party. The only one that she seems to leave alone is Rain, as she was one of the only people who was truly kind to her, even standing up for her to a bully that her brother left alone.

Dulled Cures: Clones of the Cures that serve Kaosukingu as his minions, they are very devoted to him, nobody knows where they came from or who their creator is... but Kaosukingu was rumored to have made a deal with another villain long ago, who helped him create the Dulled Cures in an exchange for half of Kaosukingu's powers.

Redshift, an anti-hero who is mostly known for "painting the town red." This villain isn't typically doing evil stuff, however. Redshift mostly just hangs out with the Cures instead of doing crime. Your typical Russian villain, just without the villain!

Ningyōdzukai, a shifty villain who controls the minds of innocent people and uses them as puppets to fight the Cures. He claims he is a servant of Kaosukingu, despite never meeting the king personally.

Side characters

Furendorī, a girl in our Protagonists's class who is rather childish for her age. She is usually lonesome and doesn’t like the concept of abandonment. She talks to the toys she carries around a lot, and won’t accept that they really can’t talk or think.

Shiawasena, a shy transfer student, who seems to immediately become friends with the four, always there when they are down. He is the unlucky holder of the Crystal Heart, a beautiful necklace that his mother had given him, that seems to be the object of many of the monsters’ attention.

Moeru, Furendorī’s older brother from senior year, known as a delinquent who skips class, and has an attitude to match.

Hansuke, Hinata’s younger brother. A bright young lad who gives advice from a distance, though he does tend to get lost in his thoughts. Slightly pessimistic, but very outgoing.

Naozumi Hayashida, a short-tempered young man who is trying to figure out the group’s secret but can’t seem to figure it out. Secretly wants in on all the magical girl action but knows he isn’t quite cool enough to match up. Hinata’s best friend, and though she admires his efforts, she keeps her secret hidden just to spite him.

Satomi Matsubara, a girl who goes to the same high school as the Pretty Cure team. She has a trendy and voguish air about her but is ultimately very friendly. Hinata admires her from afar and is scared to get near Satomi for fear of embarrassment.

Pāfekuto, a perfect grade student sent to Sunnyside by her mother, who believes that Pāfekuto's old school was putting too much stress on her. She and Kibo used to know each other until something happened to prevent her from seeing Kibo again. Pāfekuto is very snobbish and treats a lot of people as if she's morally better, especially towards Kibo.


A Fateful Meeting! The Cure's Discover the Dreamland! Or 運命の会議!治療法は夢の国を発見します!

The Pilot / Beginning episode, this takes focus on the four girls as each of them seem to have been picked as the protectors of Niji Dorīmurando, a beautiful Dreamland of many kingdoms and lands! 

Joyous Day! The Feast Kingdom's Celebration Begins! Or 喜びの日!饗宴の王国のお祝いが始まります!

The four Cures are taken around to a kingdom called Oishī Ōkoku, a kingdom where the two Queens of the land need their help. The team of subjects that are usually in charge of the decorations and floats have now seemingly started to quarrel, making it hard to focus on actually helping the rest of the kingdom with the parade. Now the four must show them that one shouldn’t hold spite for others for small reasons.

Playtime's Forever! The Cures Face a New Foe! Or Playtime's Forever!治療法は新しい敵に直面します!

This is the introduction of the concept of human corruption, as the young-minded Furendorī is corrupted into Hitori-De. As Hinata tries to save her friends from the new enemy, as well as help restore her Heart.

What Do You Mean You Don't Wanna be Friends Anymore!? An Untrustworthy Conundrum! Or もう友達になりたくないってどういう意味?!信頼できない難問!

After being trusted with Yunibāsu’s scarf, Kibo and Hinata accidentally tear it trying to get it from a dog who stole it. Going off to try and find something to fix it, something strange happens to the scarf. A mysterious figure casts a sort of spell onto the scarf, giving it a dark aura. Yunibāsu happens to find it, and wonders why it was left there, and torn up. Suddenly, the scarf seems to take on the form of the person who gave it to her, misshapen, and battered. The spirit, named Fushin, seemingly shows Yunibāsu what had happened to her, Kibo and Hinata purposely tearing it apart, as revenge for a fight that had happened weeks ago. While Yunibāsu tries to deny it, something changes. Every interaction she has with Kibo and Hinata seems forced, like they were faking every happy emotion around her, almost condescendingly. Eventually,  Yunibāsu and the other two get into a fight, and almost stop being friends.

Moonshine Moonshine! Familiar Looking Foes! Or  ムーンシャインムーンシャイン!見慣れた敵!

Hotaru is assigned to an independent mission by Prince Sakura no Hana, on this mission to revive the “Moonshine Flower” a magical flower that gives the user immortality if consumed however the mission takes an unexpected turn as Hotaru confront familiar foes that look like the rest of their teammates only to realize they were created by none other than Kaosukingu himself. 

What a Nightmare! Cure Daydream's Descent! Or なんて悪夢なんだ!キュアデイドリームディセント!

Kibo starts having nightmares about a powerful, dangerous foe, and it’s now leaking into her waking life! It starts to affect her grades, causing her family to belittle her more and more until her mother tells her that she will never amount to anything if she won’t even try. Taking advantage of this, Uso-Tsuki corrupts her Heart, turning her into Akumu! Will her friends be able to restore her? Or will she stay this way forever?

Oh No! The Dark King Freed! Or 大野!解放されたダークキング!


Mirrored Mind! Corrupted Sister! Or 鏡像の誓い!堕落した妹!

Hotaru spends time with their sister but it takes a bad turn as Fushin secretly takes control of their sister’s mind overtime slowly driving her crazy, Hotaru quickly notices this and is forced to fight their own sister to break Fushin’s mind control with the help of their friends.

Journey Through the Darkened Kingdom! Madoromi’s Plea! Or 闇の王国を旅する!マドロミの嘆願!

The Cures get a cry for help from Madoromi, the Maker of Thoughts and Dreams, and become determined to save him.

Purge the Land of Evil! The Flames of Darkness Loom! 悪の地を一掃しよう!闇の炎が迫る!

As the hordes of the Dark Kingdom start to invade, Kaen Hottoheddo calls the Cures over to help them in these times, with weapons forged for them. However, as the monster army attacks, it soon becomes apparent that they will need more powerful resources to make these weapons. While thy can be found, it will require the Cures to be strong, fast, and most of all, careful.


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  • Guardians replace mascots in this series.
  • Hotaru aka Joey is actually autistic and is proud of it!
  • This Precure series features LGBT+ characters!
  • All the main protagonists are apart of the LGBT+ community as well!


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