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"Shining Bright with the magic of 5! We are the Shining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!"— The group's introduction
Shining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure
Shainingu Mahō Tsukai Purikyua!
General Information
Created onMay 14th, 2016 (Mahou Tsukai Fan Cure Wiki)

July 7th, 2016 (Fanmade Precure Series Wiki)

NetworkToei Animation
Opening SongMiraculous Shining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure
Ending SongStarlight Infinity (1-20)

Magic of Friendship (21-40)

Storm of Happiness (41-60)

Series Info

Celestial Objects


PredecessorMiraculous Princess Pretty Cure!
SuccessorSparkling Tune Precure
Shining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure (シャイニング魔法つかいプリキュア! Shainingu Mahō Tsukai Purikyua!?) (Shining Maho Girls Pretty Cure in the English Dub) is a Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure themed story about 5 girls who discover that they are legendary witches known as the Pretty Cure. The series motifs are gemstones, celestial objects (eg. the sun) and friendship while the sub motifs are love and dreams. This season also has an English Dub. It also celebrates Chinatsu Kiseki's 20th fan-series on the wiki therefore having a 20th Anniversary Congratulatory message at the beginning of every episode.


When Haremashita Ginga meets Nebula, a girl from the Magic World who is looking for the "Linkle Stone Emerald", Inu ambushes the two and asks Nebula for the Emerald and after Nebula says she doesn't have the Emerald, Inu calls forth a Yokubaru using Dark Magic. After Ginga and Nebula escape from Neko and the Yokubaru, they notice that they have the same necklaces and Konekon, Daisy's stuffed cat, falls out of Nebula's bag. Inu finds the girls and commands the Yokubaru to attack them. When Ginga, Nebula and Konekon join hands, the girls' necklaces glow and turn into the Linkle Stone Diamond. When the girls shout 'Cure Up・RaPaPa!', they transform into the legendary witches known as the Pretty Cure

Shining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure/Episodes



Haremashita Ginga (晴れました銀河 Haremashita Ginga?)/Cure Solar (ソーラーキュア Kyua sōrā?)

The lead cure of the season. She is a kind but shy girl who always spends her studying. She loves writing fantasy stories with even writing a story about her time in the Magic World when she leaves and picks up magic really quickly in the Magic World. Her cure alter ego is the legendary witch Cure Solar, the magical shimmering sun whose theme colour is orange

Yozora Nebula (夜空ネブラ Yozora Nebura?)/Cure Lunar (キュアルナ Kyuaruna?)

A girl from the Magic World who wound up supplementary lessons due to low marks in all her studies. She is energetic and quite clumsy. Her cure alter ego is Cure Lunar, the magical glistening moon whose theme colour is dark blue

Sakagami Heather (坂上ヘザー Sakagami hezā?)/Cure Starburst (キュアスターバースト Kyuasutābāsuto)?)

Ginga's best friend. She is more confident than Ginga however she is calm. Her cure alter ego is Cure Starburst, the miraculous sparkling star whose theme colour is yellow

Haremashita Hoshi (晴れましたホシ Haremashita Hoshi?)/Cure Quasar (キュアクエーサー Kyuakuēsā?)

Ginga's older sister who is very sporty. Her cure alter ego is Cure Quasar, the magical bright energy whose theme colour is green

Azayaka Shikō (鮮やか紫光 Azayaka Shikō?)/Cure Pulsar (キュアパルサー Kyuaparusā?)

A famous singer. She is an excellent singer and an aspiring actress. Her cure alter ego is Cure Pulsar, the magical radiating pulse whose theme colour is purple

Mirai Maria (未来マリア Mirai Maria?)/Shimmer (シマー shimā?)/Radiant Miracle (ラディアントミラクル Radianmirakuru?)

A young fairy who resides in the Galaxy Smartphone. Her alter ego is Radiant Miracle, the future shine whose theme colour is white


Konekon (子猫 Konekon?)

The main fairy of the season. She was once a stuffed toy kitten in Nebula's possession.

Dark Magicians

Dokurokushe (ドクロクシー Dokurokushī?)

The wizard of darkness who seeks the "Linkle Stone Emerald" to plunge the world into darkness. He is a wizard shrouded in mystery.

Sirène (サイレン Sairen?)

Dokurokushe's right hand woman. She is themed of a fish.

Inu ( Inu?)

The first general to attack the cures. He is themed of a dog

Supporting Characters

Haremashita Yozora (晴れました夜空 Haremashita yozora?)/Cure Fantasy (キュアファンタジー Kyuafantajī?)

Ginga and Hoshi's mother who was from the Magic World. When she was younger, she was a Pretty Cure known as Cure Fantasy (キュアファンタジー Kyuafantajī?) and her theme colour was pink

Haremashita Makoto (晴れました真琴 Haremashita Makoto?)

Ginga and Hoshi's father who is from the No Magic World who met Yozora when she travelled to the No Magic World for an exam.

Aura (アウラ Ōra?)/Cure Crystal (Special Only) (キュアクリスタル Kyuakurisutaru?)

Nebula's older sister. In a Special called Shining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure Special: Aura and the Crystal of Melodies!, she transforms into Cure Crystal, the mystical loving melody whose theme colour is silver

Sakagami Sakura (坂上さくら Sakagami Sakura?)

Heather's mother. She is very caring as well as strict.


  • Linkle Stones (リンクルストーン Rinkuru Sutōn?): The jewel-like collectible items for this season that they insert into the transformation item. There are four gold stones that protect the Linkle Stone Emerald within its center and five silver stones that support the Linkle Stone Emerald. Ginga, Nebula, Heather, Hoshi, Azayaka and Maria's Linkle Stone Dia all count as one stone.
  • Linkle Sticks (リンクルステッキ Rinkuru Sutekki?): The main attack items for Cure Solar, Lunar, Quasar and Pulsar. Each one has their own name:
    • Cure Solar's is called the Solar Sceptre (ソーラーセプター Sōrāseputā?)
    • Cure Lunar's is called the Lunar Baton (ルナバトン Runabaton?)
    • Cure Quasar's is called the Quasar Tact (クエーサータクト Kuēsātakuto?)
    • Cure Pulsar's is called the Pulsar Staff (パルサースタッフ Parusāsutaffu?)
  • Linkle Starphone (リンクルスターホン Rinkurusutāhon?): Heather's transformation item that she uses to transform into Cure Starburst
  • Star Wand (スターワンド Sutāwando?):The main weapon that Cure Starburst uses in battle. She can perform the attacks Diamond Mystery, Ruby Romance, Sapphire Intelligente or Topaz Espérance with this weapon depending on which form she is in.
  • Galaxy Smartphone (ギャラクシースマートフォン Gyarakushīsumātofon?): The item Shimmer resides in. It is later used as her transformation item in episode 20 onwards
  • Radiant Violin (ラディアントヴァイオリン Radiantovu~aiorin?): The item that Radiant Miracle uses to purify Yokubaru. She can perform the attacks Diamond Estallido, Ruby Resplandor, Sapphire Fuente or Topaz Espejismo with this item depending on which form she is in




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