Sophie is the main protagonist in Sparkle Force .She is 10

years old and in class 5.Her alter ego is Sparkle Rose and she holds the power of roses.Her catchphrase is Cool.

General Information


She is a happy -go -lucky girl but very smart.She gets straight A+s but is afraid of heights.


As Sophie

She keeps her hair open and wears a top and a short jeans.

As Sparkle Rose

Her hair becomes pink and brighter and grows midriff length with her hair turning into large doughnut-shaped buns and her dress has a layer of pink .

Sparkle Rose

"Protector of the Happy roses,Sparkle Rose''

Sparkle Rose is the alter ego of Sophie. She says"Rose Power" to transform.Her main attack is Rose Shower.


Mode Elemental

Mode Elemental is a form which she obtains in Ep 6 with the others.In this mode she represents love.

Mode Prism

Mode Rainbow

Mode Super

Mode Miraculous

Mode Princess

Mode Hobby

Mode Halloween

Mode Emperoress