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{{Flowerstart_precure|title1 = Sparkle Force|image1 = Sparkle_Force.png|caption1 = Main Information|row1 = Motifs Sparkle ,Flowers|row2 = Genre Magical girls}}Sparkle force is a Fan made series by Karmanyaa.Its main motifs are flowers and sparkle.
=== Synopis ===
A young girl transforms into [[Sparkle Rose]] and meets [[Rose]].
=== Characters ===
==== Pretty cure ====
[[Sophie]]/ Sparkle Rose
The main protagonist, always cheerful.
[[Sparkle Lavender]]/Sparkle Lavender
[[Amelia]]/Sparkle Tulip
[[Ruby]]/Sparkle Poppy
[[Lucy]]/Sparkle Jasmine
=== Mascots ===
[[Category:Sparkle Force]]
[[Category:Sparkle Force]]

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