This is the page for the best Pretty Cure series of the week! When you have won, I'll let you know! The winners will be placed on this page every Saturday, and their series will be added to the Navigation Bar. Make sure you have the synopsis, characters, items & weapons, and locations. Good luck on developing your series!

Week # Season's Name Created By
Week 1 Natural PreCure Kobayashi Tsubomi
Week 2 Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure! Fujiwara Hibiki
Week 3 Color Cutie Pretty Cure! Koizumi Daisy
Week 4 Shining Jewels Pretty Cure Tachibana Nora
Week 5 Hello! Pretty Cure Wishes Yousei A. Sina
Week 6 Heartful Shine Pretty Cure Kobayashi Tsubomi
Week 7 Rainbow Pretty Cure Keeley Morris
Week 8 Dream Sky Pretty Cure Akashiya Akua
Week 9 Olympian Goddess Pretty Cure Kobayashi Tsubomi
Week 10 Chikyuu Heart PreCure! CureKurogane
Week 11 Electric Shock Pretty Cure! Ahim de Famille
Week 12 Sweet Dessert Pretty Cure Akashiya Akua
Week 13 Season Heart Pretty Cure! Kobayashi Tsubomi
Week 14 Happy! Prince PreCure CureKurogane
Week 15 Starry Cosmic Love Precure! Harajuku Arissa
Week 16 Floretta Pretty Cure! Series Chinatsu Kiseki
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