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Yumesaki Hikari.png|Yumesaki Hikari's official profile
Yumesaki Hikari.png|Yumesaki Hikari's official profile
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Yumesaki Hikari
Yumesaki Hikari
Yumesaki hikari
Personal Info
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5! Future Stars!

Magical Girl

Birthday27th July
Hair Color Dark Magenta

Light Pink

Eye Color Purple
FamilyYumesaki Minako (mother)

Yumesaki Kazuki (father)

Yumesaki Garnet (younger sister)

First AppearanceYPC5FS01
Voice Actor(s)Serizawa Yu
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Milagro



WeaponMilagro Ribbon
Theme Color Light Pink
Yumesaki Hikari (夢前光 Yumesaki hikari?) is the lead cure of Yes! Pretty Cure 5! Future Stars! as well as the reincarnation of Dark Dream. She is a smart, top of the class 14-year old who is the Student Council President of L'École des Cinq Lumières. Her cure alter ego is Cure Milagro, who represents miracles and dreams and holds the power of crystals.


Past LifeEdit

Becoming Cure MilagroEdit



As Hikari, she has Dark Magenta hair tied up into a ponytail and purple eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a light pink short sleeve t-shirt and a denim skirt with hot pink flats.

Cure MilagroEdit

Dark DreamEdit

When she was Dark Dream, her hair was slightly longer than Dream's with sharper bangs and two tented forelocks that reached her chest. Her donut buns were shaped into two donut bunts, instead of one, and held with a yellow diamond. A two-piece outfit composed of a tank-top with a pink butterfly sewn to the center that has a pink gem on a green base. The skirt was a black flower shaped tutu over dark fuchsia shorts and a fuchsia trim V-shaped trim. Her long finger-less gloves ended beneath her shoulders with a large opened cuff and a pink diamond on top of the hand. She has long black boots with violet toe and heel, while a large pink gem rests at the knee.



As Hikari, she is a smart, top of the class 14-year old who is the Student Council President of L'École des Cinq Lumières. She is never seen without a smile on her face.

Dark DreamEdit

As Dark Dream, she was cruel and was annoyed by Cure Dream's enthusiasm and happiness. She was shocked to hear Dream telling her that she has a heart. Even though Cure Dream had the chance to defeat her, she instead befriended and accepted her because she wants her to have friends like how she became friends with the Cures resulting her the only one who survives the battle. However she sacrificed herself to save Cure Dream from Shadow, resulting in her life - the crystal - to shatter. She told Cure Dream that she did it because she loves her, and dies as she claims that she still did not know how to smile, but in the end disappears while smiling.

Cure MilagroEdit

"The miracle of crystal dreams! Cure Milagro!"
Kurisutaru yume no kiseki! Kyuamiraguro!

Cure Milagro (キュアミラグロ Kyuamiraguro?) is Hikari's Pretty Cure alter ego. In this form, she represents miracles and dreams and also holds the power of crystals. Her main purification is Milagro Eternal, which she first performs in episode 1.



Milagro Eternal (ミラグロエターナル Miraguroetānaru?) is Cure Milagro's first purification attack.


Golden Heart (ゴールデンハート Gōrudenhāto?) is Cure Milagro's first group attack with Cure Flammia, Cure Citrus, Cure Tranquillo and Cure Marée.


  • Unlike her teammates, Hikari is almost the exact opposite of Cure Dream while her teammates have the same personality


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